mis who we are

MIS - Who We Are


The Department
The Management Information Systems & Telecommunications department is responsible for managing and maintaining the computer and telecommunications systems used throughout PCOM. We assist all of the departments in a number of ways. We recommend hardware and software that best meets the college's strategic goals.  We provide complete support for all administrative and academic systems.
Our Location
The MIS/Telecommunications department is located in Rowland Hall on the third floor, Suite 334. You can also find a member of our department in the computer lab in Evans Hall.


James Williams Chief Technology Operations Officer
Pat Broadus IT Office Manager
Marc Wertheimer Web Developer
Karen Zarinsky Banner Security Administrator
Randy Wang Infrastructure/Telecommunications Manager
Robert Battle Technical Support Specialist
Shaun Carlin Infrastructure Analyst
Jonathan Penecost Infrastructure Analyst
Dean Sykes Technical Support Specialist
Dave McGilloway Network Manager
Missie Miller Helpdesk Assistant
Bill Perkins Network Administrator
Vlad Rudoy Network Administrator
Robin Smith Helpdesk Assistant
John Haydt Enterprise Applications Manager
Rimma Grinberg Programmer Analyst
Rita Hennessey Programmer Analyst
Kurt Jn Marie Programmer Analyst
Art Williams Programmer Analyst
Alan Yang Programmer Analyst
Contacting Us
We have a support line, at x6110, to answer your questions via phone. You can also reach us via e-mail at helpdesk@pcom.edu